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The Artist's Voice

Jul 20, 2020

Show Notes

Not only is Mikolaj Rogowski a professional photographer, but he is also an attorney and has worked for a number of international companies.  He is originally from Poland, but now lives and works in Munich, Germany.  In addition, he is a published author and a teacher. 

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Jul 15, 2020

Show Notes

Daniel M. Sullivan is an abstract artist from Chicago, Illinois.  He has overcome a creative block that lasted several years and openly shares about his struggles.  He also shares his process and we learn that he is an oil painter and uses kerosene.

Jul 6, 2020

Show Notes

Past episodes of "The Artist's Voice" include one with Valentino Caruso from Barcelona (#64) and another with Carlos Angel Luppi from Buenos Aires (#72).  Both grew up together in Argentina and have remained friends and collaborate on art projects.  For this episode, they asked to interview me for the show. ...