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The Artist's Voice

May 25, 2020

Show Notes

Andrea Ehret is not only an Artist but also an Art Therapist from Prague, The Czech Republic.  She juggles her career along with being a wife and mother.  She discusses her process in great length.  Andrea encourages emerging artists to be inspired and copy only to learn.  To quote her, she states " Your hand...

May 11, 2020

Show Notes

The Artist, Jantus, is from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  In spite of an inadequate Zoom connection, the interview is inspiring and may be difficult to listen to.  Please prevail and you will be rewarded.  Jantus makes his own rules and then breaks those same rules.  He has a very unique process as his approach...

May 4, 2020

Show Notes

Steven Stradley is a professional artist as well as an art teacher.  He lives and works in Pine Valley, Utah, a very small community in the Southern part of the State.  As a professional, he proves that you do not have to be in New York City to be a successful artist.  Steven advises emerging artists and his...